Not even the actual date range associated with his life span, he is estimated to be about 1100 years ago in the district of Kathmandu. He was born in the family of Newar Bussiness’s family who living in the area of ​​Maru Tole in near Basantapur Palace Area. He grew up in the Newar tribal, social and communities of the Kathmandu.

Sankhadhar Sakhwa used to repay the gross people’s debt of three cities using a new conventional ‘Nepalese’ name in the name of Motherland. This is more than today. 968 DC years ago, the Shukla Pratapha (Maha Puja) started from those day. Before the start of Nepal, at that time the king used to have a Kartik Shukla starting from the day of Royal Equally (राजकीय सम्वत्). According to the same traditions, Nepal has also begun since the day of Kartik Shukla. At that time, the beneficial person was able to use a new approach. Due to that publicist and charitable work, Shikhharhar Sakhva has become the promoter of Nepal. Which is currently in practice.

Due to the great work to pay the people’s debt even though the business of Sankhadhar Sakhwa, King Raghdev allowed him to enter Pashupati and also set Aruno Shilamurti on the southern gate. According to Kimvantanti story, King Anand Malla of Bhaktapur , in the auspicious manner by astrology brought sand from Bhadrati and Bishnutati river of Kathmandu. According to the wise and well-known Sankhadhar, it is considered to be a secret that the cheerful woman is a secret, and if she is given food, she adds that the money is poured out in the sand to home. Even though the sand is bitten, called ‘Looku Flecha’ is still remain.

After four days, the same sand is turned into gold mixed with rocks. Shankhandhar was very pleased and collected all the gold as it used to process the dust of that rock. But another sand that has been brought to the king has gone to be sand. After this, wealthy riches have got the feeling of welfare of the country and the people. According to the prevailing rules of that time, one third of the assets he had should be given the revenue. Then he has redeemed all the people from gold, with the permission of King Jayadev of Kantipur, that same revenues were reimbursed.

Nepal Sambat has not been fully investigated and promoted in a book published by the Nepal Government Academy in the year 2019 B.S. Many organizations have been established today for the rise of Nepal language and culture like Nepal Language Manka Khal (मङ्का खल). Nepal Sambat with the slogan of giving Nepal national importance to national values, there are various arguments regarding the government’s commitment to conducting protects and cultural rally on the day of worship and Nepal’s unity.

The celebration of ‘Nepal Sambat’ was started from medieval period of the Nepal Valley through 936 Kartik Shukla has been reported to been from the capital. Shankhandhar Sakhwa was devotee of Pashupatinath and he had offered at the steward of pashupatinath. Not even the actual date range associated with his death but also estimated to be about 1300 years ago.

On 1999, Nation Government Academy declared Shankhandhar Sakva as National hero of Nepal and in 2003 Departmental Postal service issued post ticket of Shankhandhar Sakhwa.

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