Nepal is beautiful country of full geographical status, including various caste, religion, culture and traditional. It is also a country of religious, cultural and ethnic unity and coordination. The exemplary feature of Nepali people has already been followed by adopting own culture and respecting others culture. Various nations of this country have survived the sense of national unity by preserving language, religion, culture.
Mahaguru Fhalgunanda Lingden was born in 1885 A.D. at Ilam district of Nepal.

Mahaguru Fhalgunanda is known as one of great Guru Kirat Limbu religion. His real name was Nardwaj lingden. When he was a child, he was sick all time however some priest told his family to make wear iron filings in his hand and he get free from illness. So his name became Fhalgunanda from iron filings. Fhalgunanda established a new kirant religion that such as ancient graveyard, civil society, and socio-economic, gender-based, cultural and conservation of art and ethnicity, language and tradition.

In the age of eight, person receives the enlightenment that there is no need to be violent, not deceitful, unmarried and creative, because they are highly respected in society, their goddesses should always worship ‘Mangsawa’, do not eat meat and drink. Even when he was in army, he never missed worshiping of god. So he was called as ‘Dhani’ ‘Yogi’ and ‘Tapashash’. He was aware of that war never brings peace to both sides. Therefore he resigned from army and starts to promote awareness of the fundamental community of Kirat religion through different parts of India including Bhutan then returned to own birth place Ilam.

Mahaguru Fhalgunanda immediately called ‘Ten Limbuwan community’ senior people of the society, and discussed the fact that Kirat were arrogant from the original alcohol religion. In this discussion, he promote that to immediately shut down the ‘Sunnali Puruli’ tradition, which is take dowry from the daughter-in-law of the Limbu caste and stop using alcohol and killing innocent animals in the name of goddess. The committee also agreed with his though examples. This though examples is taken as the largest social and cultural revolution.

Mahaguru Fhalgunanda opened the school for kirat language and script. He established rules of eating meat and drinking alcohol only on the association of festivals. And also promote awareness that people should speak truth, do righteousness, meditation and meditation, should not be misleading and forgetting the originality, should not be tortured due to alcohol abuse, marriage should be spent more than financial economic welfare and cannot be inflated in economic swing.

Mahaguru Fhalgunanda was greatly respected and remembered due to his exceptional influences in bringing the kirat social reforms at the time. In 2009, the National Government Academy had declared him as National Hero of Nepal and postage stamp is being issued in his honor.

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