Nepal Telecom has launched the ‘Namaste Credit’ service, which can take balance on prepaid mobile. In between a program held on Friday, Ministry of Information and Communications, Gokul Prasad Baskota, launched a Namaste Credit service.

Speaking on the occasion, Ministry of Information and Communications, Gokul Prasad Baskota said that Nepal Telecom, who started the prepaid service for the first time in Nepal, has begun to introduce the Namaste credit service for the customer’s convenience.

Talking about Nepal Telecom management director Kamini Raj Bhandari said that the customers of the company, who could balance the balance, could continue continuous service from the money.

Calling on the company’s GSM and CDMA prepaid mobile calls will be made continuous tomorrow if the balance is made. Such money will be available from Rs 5 to 40 rupees. The recharge will be deducted from the amount after this amount. This will not interest interest or any other tax on the amount taken by the customer.

This feature will be available only for least 3 months ago on SIM holder. To get information on how much money can be taken, type ‘STATUS’ and send SMS to 1477. Similarly, by typing ‘STOP’ for closing this service and again to start this feature, type ‘START’ and send SMS to 1477. Once you have paid a repayment amount, you can take another time again. It can also be used to make SMS calls and DATA pack.

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