Swayambhunath Stupa is one of the famous religious areas situated on the mountain of Kathmandu. It is called ‘ Phags.pa Shing.kun’ in the Tibetan language, which represents the different species of species found on the Mount of Swayambhu. Tibeti Buddhism is the second sacred place after Buddhism Buddhism. A famous Buddhist temple (stupa) is surrounded by the west of the Kathmandu valley. At the time of self-sufficiency in the World Heritage Summit, Swayambhunath has now grown in large quantities of internal and external tourism.

Some of the stupa, monasteries and temples of the Swayambhunath campus were built in the sky. Buddha’s eye picture is shown in the stupa of volunteer. Number 1 is shifted to reflect the nose symbol between the eyes in nepali language. There are also different shops near around in the Stupa. Buddhism-related songs and music, pictures, statues, and other things are found in these shops.

There are two ways to reach Swayambhu. It can be reached at Swayambhu at the distance of the 365-century road, and the other way is driving. Most of the paintings of Swayambhu are related to Buddhism. This area has also become the destination for other Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

Self-propulsion means self-origin. The flame that is everlasting with eternity is volcano. The name of this volcanic name is the name of Swayambhu. According to the story, Manjushree went to worship there after intuition about a lotus flower that was self-sufficient. That valley was a reservoir of the valley. He cut the hill in Chhattisgarh and took out the water of the valley and appeared on a mountainous place where the flower was made, and the same flowers were stirred.

Swayambhunath Stupa has many narrations. Manjushree was sitting in the same place after making the hair fit. There is another interesting story that ‘litch’ (Jumra), which has become the reason to become the cause of the monkeys in Swayambhu.

Swayambhu was discovered by King Mandev. This article asserts that the monument on the stone along with the old text found in the volcanic repaired this stupa.

This stupa was completely renovated in 2010. But the earthquakes in 25 April 2015 and the subsequent ultra-lumps have also damaged the self-sufficiency. The main stupa has not been a major loss. Sacrifice monasteries are broken down. Maintenance and construction work is currently underway.

Swayambhunath Stupa is situated in many old holy places of Kathmandu. It has played a major role in maintaining Kathmandu history and culture. Its existence will also encourage the forthcoming generations to learn the culture and conduct of their fathers.