Motiram Bhatta was born on 1923 in Kathmandu, Nepal. He was son of Daaramam Bhatt and Repumardini Bhatt. Motiram Bhatt is a secondary poet of Nepal who is a supreme pillar to provide life to Nepali splendor, literature, art, society, culture and country’s glory, and the intellectual hero of that era, the nation’s invaluable fund and cultural warrior. He had received education from Durbar High School in Kathmandu till 6 years and went Banaras in India. As the father of Aruna became a Banarar, these five years old were gone to Benaras. He read in his Persian school. He learned Persian and Urdu.

In 1944, he came back Nepal and serves language and re-entered the high school and learned Sanskrit and English. In 1948, Motitam Bhatt assembled Entrance (current ASC) from Calcutta, for the year 1952, F.A. from the Ripan College of Calcutta. (The current proficiency certificate layer) passed.

At the age of 14, he gets child married in 1937. Motiram Bhatt kept travelling on Banaras for education. When he returns to Kathmandu, he began to take interest in Nepali language and literature. In 1938, he went Banaras again for devoting to Nepali language and literature in addition to studying. After taking some feelings in the rise of Nepalese language and literature, he saw 145 articles of Kashi-e-146 published in Kashi when he opened the ‘Bharat Life’. Later published and edited the magazine ‘Gorkha Bharat Life’. He also printed the ‘Balkanda’ of Ramayana that translated by Bhanubhakta on the opening paper that was opened in Banar. Banarashi had conducted activities like ‘Kabidali’ and ‘Samsaya purti’.

In the third year, Motiram, who was in a linguistic rise in Nepali language, could not do the people who were able to take twenty-five years of age. He has created many works in Nepali literature. He wrote the poems and gazels, such as ‘Gajendra Moksha’, ‘Prachanda Devotion’, ‘Uchacharra’ etc.

The leaders of Nepalese literature, Motiram Bhatt, collected the works of Bhanubhakta Acharya in the dark and collected him in front of everyone. He did not only have a poet, but he worked to contemplate contemporary friends as a source of inspiration for writing literature. Bhatt was Nepali, journalist, editor, publisher, physician, critics, investigator, magazine, and founder in the press, founder of poetry, poetry, drama, gajal archive, lifestyle, was born in Nepali literature. He opened the press ‘Pashwat Press’ as a press conference in Kathmandu. From where, there was great support in the printing and publication of Nepali literature.

Motiram was one of poet that millions of people who could understand the morality of the nation and society. It is extraordinary that what he did, to turn the Nepali oriented nation-language literature to the nation. Motiram Bhatt, who was carrying a strong era in Nepalese literature, contributed significantly to the promotion and promotion of that era. Motiram, who has been working in pen and various parts of the footsteps, has been awarded the birthplace of the literary section of Nepali literature.
Death of such great literary welfare in 1953.