King Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah is known as Father of Nation and freedom fighter against Rana’s Emperor. He was born in 30 june 1963. He was the eldest son of King Prithvi Bir Bikram Shah and Queen Divyeshwari Lakshmi Devi Shah. After the ascension of king Prithvi Bir Bikram Shah, Prince Tribhuvan became King in the age of 5 in 26 Poush 1968. He was crowned on 9 Falgun 1969 at the Nasal Chowk, Hanuman Dhoka Palace in Kathmandu, with his mother acting as regent.

At that time, Rana’s emperors were ruled in Nepal and Royal family was fully controlled by Rana’s family as well as mentioned services by them. Rana’s emperor also took control over the government for 104 years bowling them with luxuries. The Rana rulers did not even allow the prince to read the newspaper. Therefore, there was no environment available for Tribhuvan to read news about Nepal. However, he had been managed secretly newspaper and had been able to read news. King Tribhuvan has been helped the Nepalese had indulged in anti-Rana movement to remove Nepal’s Rana regime. In the same time, leaving the kingdom of Rajgadhi, went to the Indian embassy in refuge. These were the kings of Nepal till 2011.

Jung Bahadur Rana, the protagonist of many critically scary massacres and headed to the rule of Nepal that continued for 104 years. At that time, not only the citizen but also kings were not able to speak, write, and walk independently about politics. Rana’s emperor rules over country as Dictator. All the fundamental rights of the king were taken away as well as didn’t allow any relationship between the citizen and the king. Rana’s emperor had kept the king in the dark side and made the god of Harem. Rana’s emperor has always kept prince in alone and fear environment including alcoholic festivities, woman candidates etc.

Rana’s emperor was very selfish that they looted citizen by giving pain and suffering. The works of Rana did not work in public interest and country financial system was favorable to their family. They used to take part in national property that economic policy of the rulers to collect the property of the country on foreign and foreign banks. Their judgment was also worst which policy also made it difficult for development. They considered themselves to be elite, family, and prosperity and there was no limit of class exploitation, harassment, oppression among the people. The lesser character of the upper class of the upper class, the existence of the people of the lower class and the cast was eliminated. Due to this, there was danger in human relations between people and people. They used policy rules as compared to domestic interest rather than on the good of national interest and public. Therefore, the desire of the kingdom and the geographical region of the kingdom were also offered to the British feet.

In the progress of Nepal, the thoughtful King was very sad to see the broken sad face of citizen. The feeling of compassion came upon them. So he decided to do something for the public and with the support of freedom fighter against Rana’s Emperor, keeping danger against the rule of pride and life. At that time, main political parties of Nepal has started movement against Rana regimes from the Birgunj. Then in the year 2004, armed struggle revolution has begun against Rana and in falgun 2007, the revolution was announced. Meantime, King Tribhuvan also departed Delhi by the Indian Air Force on October 4, helping this revolution. King Tribhuvan left 5 years grandson Gyanendra who been to maternal house and Rana Prime Minister Mohan Shamsher gave a throne to 5 years old Gyanendra as Baby King.

Then, the revolution against over Rana’s emperor has started fierce throughout the country. The presence of Rana reached only limited to Kathmandu. After the situation was horrifying and adverse, Mohan Shamsher requested India to peace. For his talks, Vijay Shamsher sent his son to Delhi. In the negotiation of the instant Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, the Delhi Agreement deal was signed in presence of Rana, Nepali Congress and King Tribhuvan on 1 Falgun 2007.

According to the same time, King Tribhuvan and his family returned to Nepal on 7 falgun 2007 and declared Democracy Nepal. The new cabinet formed by the Constituent Assembly (CA) on December 27 was accepted as soon as possible to establish the popular government by conducting the election, rule of the country based on the legislation made by the Legislative Council, policy of elimination and elimination of the policy. On 30 falgun 2011, King Tribhuvan passed away at the Canton Hospital under mysterious circumstances.

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