Nepali adikavi Bhanubhakta Acharya was born on 29 Asar 1871 in Chudi Ramgha of Tanahu District. He is the grandson of Shreekrishna Acharya and son of Dhanjay Acharya. His all family member were Brahmins scholar. So he also became a Brahmins of Sanskrit. He is well known as Nepali poet, translator and writer. He was the first nepali person to translate words of epic holy Ramayana from sanskrit to nepali and helped to develop the Nepali language throughout the country.

During his time, he was wrote poems in nepali language then reveled and honored by title of First-ever-poet (Adikavi) above and beyond having other present poet in the country. He has also written several story-books in the Nepali language like Bhaktamala, BadhuShiksha, etc and made Nepalese poetry rich and prosperous. . His biography is spiritualism. Spiritual feelings, divine views, religious beliefs are their poetic ideas. He also wrote a poem while he was eating, sitting, walking, and acting.

Bhanubhakta was born in wealthy Brahmins family. As the Brahmins, it was compulsory to exceeded expectations as academics and appearance to write sacred of religious. So, he had home-based education from in grandfather. His grandfather teaches him traditionally Sanskrit and general astrology. His life was like hostel life that controlled by his grandfather. Therefore, he gets well training and comprehends Sanskrit.

His life was not remarkable life until he met a grass cutter who wanted to give something to the society so he could be remembered after death too. The grass cutters words made inspired him to do something to leave a mark in the society after dead. His two masterworks in Nepali language were most popular, one is the “Bhanubhaktey Ramayan” and the other is a letter he wrote in verse form to the Prime Minister while he was in prison. He has been made a victim and sent to prison due to some mistake in signing the papers. In prison, his condition became bad and he was assumed false hopes of being agreed free but his case was not even heard. So, he wrote an appeal to the Prime Minister requesting his freedom, which letter became his one of his great works. After he get freedom, he was awarded by full of money bag.

Just like Prithvi Narayan Shah made Nepal geographically, the devotees also worked in different languages and languages as a Nepali race and the same Nepali language. He made the sacred epic like Ramayana, from the Verbal Verse of ordinary people; the words of Nepali language were widely used and gave it a literary form. The Ramayana translation managed to maintain emotional unity in the castes. The simplicity of simplicity found in it, sweetheart, has done the work of increasing interest in Nepalese. Therefore, he is a pity column of Nepali literature, formula of ethnic unity, conductor of national culture and a symbol of language unity.