Gautam Buddha was born in 563 years before Christ when Mahamaya Devi, the queen of Kapilavastu, was going to her Dehar Devdah, then on the way Lumbini forest was on the way. This place comes in the hill area of ​​Nepal, there is a place called Rukminadei, 8 miles away from Nautanwa station between Kapilvastu and Devdah. Where there was a forest named Lumbini.

Buddha is known as”Light of Asia”. His real name was Siddhartha. His father’s name was Śuddhodana. Mother was died seven days after his birth. Siddhartha’s aunty Gautami raised him up. Siddhartha studied Vedas and Upanishads beside Guru Vishwamitra, also took education of Rajkaz and war-learning. Nobody can compete with wrestling, horse racing, arrows, and chariot.

Story how Siddhartha become Gautam Buddha

His father was King, who wanted his son to become a great king (ruler), he had given Siddhartha knowledge of many religions and his father had kept Siddhartha away from all human suffering.

When Siddhartha turned 16, he married with his colleague Yashodhara. A few days later his wife gave birth to a son named Rahul. It is said that Siddhartha spent two years in Kapilavastu as Prince. Siddhartha’s father had a desire that Siddhartha should be given whatever he wants, and his son has no dearth of anything.

Once, Gautam Buddha had an opportunity to see an old man and a dead body. Gautam Buddha began to think that there is no way of liberating him from human suffering. Then Gautam Buddha made human welfare the only goal of his life. He left his wife, Yashodhara and son Rahul in sleep, and went into the forest, where they received philosophy by meditation and called ‘Buddha’.

After this incident, Gautam would normally sit under the tree of Peepal which was later named Bodhi tree, Bodh Gaya, India. It is said that sitting in meditation only used to search Gautama Satya in meditation. Spending 49 days in meditation, at the age of 35, it is said that he had attained the knowledge. And since then they have become famous by the name of ‘Buddha’ and they were awakened only after performing strict penance according to the people.

While awakening, he came to know that he has hidden four great truths, including truth from liberation to world, rebirth, life and death. Later, this knowledge was adopted by the people of Buddha religion, in which the Buddha was also called the God of meditation, according to him, Buddha is the easiest way to get salvation.

According to him, salvation is to destroy desire, hatred and ignorance, who carry on the cycle of suffering and rebirth. According to them, salvation means the end of this world, where we become free from all personal bondage and only remain intellectually alert. At such times only the elements of Buddha can come in our work.

According to Buddha religion, if a person walks on the path of truth, then he can be away from those desires, which leads to sadness. That which is permanent and permanent, is also devastating. The one who looks great, his fall is sure. Where there is a coincidence, there is destruction. Where there is birth there is death too. While assimilating such great true ideas, Gautam Buddha had established Buddhism, which is today one of the major religions of the world.

Gautam Buddha’s Teaching

Gautam Buddha established an innate human religion by refuting the current rudiments and superstitions. He said that life should live a holy and simple life by following the restraint, truth and non-violence.

He emphasized on adding sadhak of ‘samyak’ with karmas, behave and knowledge, because no one can give ‘extreme’ peace. Similarly, liberation and death can be freed from fear and it is called as Nirvana.

The path of Nirvana, which he suggested to humans, is still relevant as it was two and a half thousand years ago, in order to find a path to the liberation of humanity; he himself renounced the royal hospitality and took many physical mechanisms.

Deep contemplation – after meditation and rigorous cultivation, he got the following philosophy of the Bodhi tree in Gaya (Bihar). And he gave the first five disciples instructions.

Promotions of Buddhism

Many bravery kings then became his followers. Unka Dharma spread rapidly outside India and today Buddhism is the main religion of many countries of China, Japan etc.

The local Buddhist people believed in great reverence after his death, people still used to follow the directions given by Buddha and used to obey his words. Many people have made their lives enrich their lives by adopting their lives and after 400 years of their death, people considered them as Gods form.

Gautam Buddha Quotes

  • ‘Whatever we have is the result of our thinking till today. Whenever someone thinks bad or does bad while doing a work, he gets hurt. But if a person thinks well or does good while working, happiness always lives with him like shadows. ‘
  • ‘It is our own mind, not our enemy – which takes us to the wrong path.’
  • ‘Pain is sure, pain is optional.’
  • ‘Always remember a mistake is like a heavy burden on the mind.’
  • ‘You cannot walk on the path till you make your own way.’
  • ‘Where you eat, walk, travel, try to stay the same. Otherwise, you can lose something in your life. ‘
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