Sita is the main character of Ramayana and Ramcharitmanas. In Hinduism, they are worshiped as Goddess. Sita was the eldest daughter of Raja Janak of Mithila. Their marriage was followed by dissolution of Shiva Pandh in the self from Rama, the eldest son of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya. Their names are respected due to their women and their religion. In Treta Yuga, they consider the goddess of good fortune as an avatar of Lakshmi. Sita was the daughter of King Janak’s daughter, because she was born from the Desert Line of Happiness. Later, he married Lord Ram.

Born of Sita

Once in the state of King Janak of Mithila State, famine began to fall. They started plowing themselves Only then did Sita come out by exploding the earth. When King was sowing seeds, he lifted Sita while being lying in the dust. He heard Aakashwai – ‘This is your Dharmakanya’. By then the king had no children. They brought her daughter-in-law and handed her over to the great queen.

Sita Swayamvar (Marriage Ceremony)

It was difficult to get a qualified groom for teenager Sita, because Sita had not been born from human-vagina. In the end King Janak created Sita autonomously. Once upon a time, on the occasion of Vivekananda, Varun Dev gave birth to two bowed arrows with a bow and arrows. The bow did not move too many people together. The father declared that the person who raises his bow by lifting his bow, will marry Sita from it. If the king failed on this criterion, he would have ruined Janakpuri after knowing his insult.

King Janak pleased God with austerities and defeated those kings with their quadrangular army. Knowing this story from King Janak, Vishwamitra showed the desire to show the bow to Ram-Lakshman. By order of the father, the five wheels of the bow locked in an eight-wheeled chest. The father said that the deity, demon, monster, monster, Gandharva and kinar are not capable of lifting, enforcing and tapping the bow, how can a human be able to lift it? By opening the Ark, with the permission of King Janak, Ram took it very effortlessly by raising the bow and broke it from the middle. Apart from Ram, Lakshman, Vishwamitra and Janak, all the attendees were immediately unconscious.

Janak sent the monks to Ayodhya to present the marriage of the blessed Sita to Ram and to bring the present to King Dasharath. King Dasharath advised Vasishtha, Vamdev and his envoys and left for the city of Videh. King Janak sent his brother Kushdhav to the city of Sankasakya. Raja Dasharath and Janak gave full introduction to their genealogy and decided to marry Sita and Urmila by Ram and Lakshman, and with the proposal of Vishwamitra, the marriage of two beautiful daughters of Kushdvas Mandvi-Shrutkirti was fixed with Bharat and Shatrughan. Four brothers got married in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra.

Agni Pariksya (अग्नि परीक्षा)

After the Lanka-Vijay, Ram said to Sita: ‘You have been very close to Ravana, so I have a doubt on your character. You voluntarily go to Lakshman, Bharat or Vibhishan anyone, I will not accept you. ‘ Sita ordered to prepare a chita after getting littered with guilt, humiliation and sorrow.

Lakshman prepared the chita Sita said this – ‘If I have remembered Ram always by heart and action, and the body that Ravana took away was that condition, then Agnidev protect me.’ And entered the burning pyre. Agnidev took a direct look and raised Sita in the lap and presented it in front of Ram, saying that he is holy in every way.

Subsequently, Ram took delight in accepting Sita and told the present community that he did not accept Sita from the fear of public condemnation.

Ashwamedh Yagna (अश्वमेध यज्ञ)

When Ram performed Ashwamedha Yajna, Valmiki sent the disciples named Love and Kush to the Ramayana. Ram heard that character with a loud voice. Every day they used to say twenty syngians.

On reaching the North Kand, Ram went to know that both of them were Ram’s sons. Ram asked Sita that if they are innocent then come to the meeting and show their purity. Valmiki took Sita away. Vasishtha said, ‘Hey Ram, I am the 10th son of Varun. I have never lied in life. These two are your sons. If I have lied then I can not get the fruits of my penance. I have seen his holiness with divine vision. ‘ Sita put her hand down and said, ‘O mother, if I am holy, then the earth will burst and I will end up in it.’

When Sita said this, then a throne placed on the serpent was thrown out by the earth. Prithvi Devi was sitting on the throne, the Goddess was sitting. He seated Sita in the lap. At the time of Sita’s sitting, the throne fell into the ground.


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