Bhimasen Thapa, the highest national talent of Nepal’s self-respect, was born on 1832 in Borlang village of Gorkha. Bhimsen Thapa had grown up with the Royal court since a short time due to his courageous, smart, patriarch, nationalist and his father’s power. During the first break, he met Rana Bahadur Shah and both were same age. So, the foundation of friendship was prepared at the same time. The arrangement of their education was added to the house as per the adjustment of the time. His childhood had passed happily in Gorkha.

He was admitted to a military service because hhis father had a strong relationship with Royal Palace and his bravery, patriotic. He became subordinate of army in 1844. Then, after the strong closeness of the Royal Palace, at the age of 24, he became bodyguard of Rana Bahadur Shah.

Bhimsen Thapa had got chance to study reason of inner state of India, that why the British entered, and also understood their extravagant and imperialist policies when he went Banaras along with Rana Bahadur Shah in 1857. After returning from Banaras, Damodar Panday, had tried to prison Bhimsen Thapa and Rana Bahadur Shah but unsuceessful. Then Bhimsen Thapa killed Damodar who tried hard to make a captive. Meanwhile, country’s politics situation has changed and Bhimsen was appointed as the First prime Ministers position to be active in politics.

At that time, Rana Bahadur Shah become King, but the conducting work would be done according to Bhimsen Thapa’s opinion consultation. Bhimsen Thapa has seen that Rana Bahadur Shah was killed near Royal palace by his brother Chautia Sher Bahadur Shah when he was returning to Kathmandu. Then also Bhimsen Thapa has to contribute significantly to maintaining peace and good governance in the country. From this point he went on to promote Mukhtariyar (Prime minister). Then, after his national security and rule, power came to his hand. It became a historical event, which received the authority in the king by a son of a common citizen.

Bhimsen Thapa has ruled as Prime minister from 1863 to 1894, primarily for the eleven year continuously. He saved Nepal from the colonialization of British. He did not allow British’s diplomacy to succeed.

Bhimsen Thapa, who loved the country more than life, had played an important role in the country in the country till 3 generations of King, Rana Bahadur Shah, Griwan Yuddha Vikram Shah and Rajendra Vikram Shah. During the expansion of the border of the country in the west of the country, small army and small arms were defeated by the British, to accept Sugauli treaty. Even though Sugauli treaties were on their side, the country’s sovereignty and national unrest did not affect 48 states. But Nepal had to lose many parts. That too much of the terrain returned to their leadership. Since he was a skilled ruler, the friends of India succeeded in establishing diplomatic relations. Khatuta, born with Tibet, had expired diplomatic relations. Also, the other friendly people were able to maintain a good relationship.

He also did many development works in during regime period. He had made historic building in various areas likewise Dharhara, Sundhara and Bagmati Bridge in Kathmandu and siddhi pokhari in Bhaktapur that had increased religious and social status among the people. He also arranged the wells and canals to improve agriculture production. Not only this, he worked to discourage the distortions including slavery as social culprit.

During King Rajendra rule, chief minister Ranjung panday created a fake document and sentenced Bhimsen Thapa to life imprisonment. Then he was tortured many times in jail. Not much that they violate him that, ‘your wife will be made naked and walk in the city then you will have to look all scene from toilet’ and listened to the shock and delusive things that make deep hurt him. He could not feel tolerate then at age of 45, he cut his own neck by glass and died after nine days, with severe injuries. Also his body was cut off into pieces and feed to Dog, eagle and vulture. His funeral was not allowed to bury. But after order from royal palace, his son buried his rest of body parts.