Stephen Hawking has died. Family members have confirmed this. World famous great scientist Stefan Hawking breathed his last at the age of 76. He was also the author of the Bestseller Book ‘A Brief History of Time’. He was also the research director of the Theoretical Cosmological Center (University of theoretical Cosmology) at the University of Cambridge. Hawking lived on wheelchairs He had said, ‘At the age of 21, the doctors told me that I have a terminal illness named Motor Neuron.’

According to the statement, ‘He was a great scientist and a wonderful person whose work and legacy will survive for a long time. His courage and determination with his wisdom and humor has inspired people all over the world. ‘

It has been said, ‘He once said that if your loved ones are not, then the universe will not be as it is. We will always remember him. ‘

Hawkins was killed in a motor neuron illness in 1963 and doctors said that only two years of his life survived. But he went to Cambridge to study and after Albert Einstein became the world’s greatest theoretical physicist.

In 2014, the film ‘Theory of Everything’ has also been made on the world’s most famous physicist and cosmologist.

Stephen Hawking will open the secret of the mysteries of the universe; Tamur will remember that meeting with him

Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76. As Stephen Hawking’s name comes, the face of such a person revolves around him who made his own deficiencies his own. Throughout life, he struggled with the shortcomings of his body but kept giving the world knowledge and information that was not available to anyone before. On Cosmology, he wrote a book like ‘A Brief History of TIme’ and made a special identity around the world with his principles. One million copies of this book have been sold. Stephen Hawking was born in Oxford, England in 1942. Through ‘A Brief History of Time’, I got an opportunity to go and understand their work. They had opened many secrets of the universe. Always thought how this person can do such a great job.

Such occasions are rarely found in life when you get an opportunity to meet those people who inspire you, especially if they are international personalities. But I was fortunate in this case. The talk is of October, 2011. I had to go to Brussels and Paris to cover the premiere of Steven Spielberg’s film ‘Tintin’. I arrived in Brussels on October 24, and on the morning of October 25 we had to get people to go for a program. I was waiting for some of my colleagues at the reception of the Hotel Metropolis in Brussels, only then I saw a person coming along with a colleague on his special wheelchair. I felt that some person was familiar and only then, in the mind, ‘Stephen Hawking’. There is no room for my happiness. I hit my pocket, my mobile was not in the pocket because its battery was over. Reason, Indian plug was not working in Europe. I regretted it but I ran to the man running, and standing there saw them.

Stephen Hawking was going to the seminar hall of the hotel, maybe there was a program there. I touched the hand and told the person who came with them that I liked meeting with them and it is like being true to dream. So the person looked at that screen and said that he liked it too and he entered inside that seminar hall. I stood there and watched them for some time. I was never a student of science, but I was a big fan of that person and I would stay because those people are rare in history.