‘Bipolar disorder’ is a mental illness, in which the patient’s mind is constantly very happy or very happy for several months or weeks. Bipolar disorder is called mood swings and behavior, sometimes depression, sometimes hysteria, and sometimes mental and brain disorder.

It is such a mental disorder in which a person is in a state of depression for some time and in a state of hysteria for some time. The level of mood, energy, activity of the person varies every day. This problem is more to the men than men.

Stages of Frenzy and Depression :- In the state of frenzy, the person feels unusually energetic, happy or irritable. Regardless of the consequences, makes a wrong decision. In the state of hysteria, the need for sleep becomes considerably reduced. In the event of depression, the person starts crying unnecessarily. His attitude towards life becomes negative. Such a person makes eye contact less than the other person.

Symptoms :- A person suffering from bipolar disorder experiences abnormal intensity, changes in sleep patterns, levels of activity and abnormal behavior. In this situation, changes in the mood can be seen repeatedly. The level of energy, activity and sleep changes in the person depends on the condition of the mood.

When a person is in a state of depression, then he is unhappy, helpless, emptiness, low expectation, energylessness, low levels of functioning, lack of sleep or too much sleep, worrying, trouble in concentration, forgetting things, too much or The symptoms of low food, fatigue, lethargy, suicide are coming in mind.

In the state of hysteria, the person is suffering from abnormally exacerbated and hyperactivity conditions. Too much happier, to speak loudly, reaching from one thought to another, teasing to others, paying very little attention to the surroundings, etc. remains in the situation.

Reasons :- Bipolar disorder can be due to many reasons. According to various research, it is also hereditary. Environmental, personal psychological and genetic factors greatly increase the chances of this disease. It has also been seen that some unpleasant incidents of life, poor personal relationships, bad behavior in childhood or an accident also increase the chances of getting it at a young age.

Along with this, brain injury, AIDS infection, epilepsy, brain and nerves also sometimes cause it to occur. Identification and treatment at the right time of the disease helps in living a health and decision-making life of the person suffering from it.

Do not treat late :- It is a disease which lives for life, but its persistent treatment for a long time is helpful in controlling its symptoms. Symptoms of depression and hysteria are coming from time to time. In the treatment of bipolar disorder, psychotropic and anti-depressant medicines that control emotions are used.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, family-centered therapy, psychological education, helps in the prevention of disease and frequent occurrence. While personal and social co-ordination therapy proves very effective in the symptoms of depressed survival. Such a person should be kept separate from a business related experimental decision, change of work or domestic matter, unless it is in its normal mental state.

Once the person is controlled by the emotions, medicines and electroconvulsive therapy, then it is necessary to review his personal circumstances so that he can plan to remove them from difficulties and problems, which is the cause of the disease. Are there.

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