Speculating about an alternate past in which the Ranas did not rule Nepal necessitates considering a variety of possible possibilities. Without the Ranas’ autocratic leadership, Nepal’s development and political scene would have been very different. Here are some probable outcomes:

Political Landscape

  • Continued Shah Monarchy Power: If the Ranas had not risen to power, the Shah monarchy would have had more direct authority over the kingdom. This may have resulted in a different type of governance, such as a more traditional or feudal system with less centralization.
  • Early Democratic Movements: The absence of Rana autocracy may have enabled earlier democratic movements. Nepal may have become a constitutional monarchy or even a democratic republic much earlier, owing to worldwide movements towards democracy in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.
  • Less Isolationism: The Ranas’ isolationist practices kept Nepal mostly isolated from the rest of the world. Without their authority, Nepal may have engaged more with neighbouring countries and the global community, resulting in early modernization and international relations.

Social and Economic Development

  • Slower Modernization: The Ranas initiated various modernization projects. Without their control, the pace of modernization may have been slower, as the push for infrastructure construction, army upgrading, and educational institution establishment may not have been as strong.
  • Different Educational System: The Ranas founded Western-style educational institutions and schools. An alternate ruling system could have approached education differently, possibly emphasising traditional or indigenous types of instruction.
  • More Equitable Development: The Rana government was known for substantial economic exploitation and the concentration of wealth among the Rana family and its supporters. Without their authority, economic progress could have been more equal, potentially resulting in a more balanced distribution of wealth and resources.

Cultural and Social Dynamics

  • Different Cultural Evolution: The Ranas made a great contribution to Nepalese culture, architecture, and society. Without their impact, Nepal’s cultural evolution could have gone a different path, possibly keeping more ancient customs or accepting new influences.
  • Reduced Social Hierarchies: The Rana government strengthened social hierarchies and class divisions. Without their authority, the social structure could have been more equitable, with less caste and class prejudice.

Geopolitical Position

  • Stronger Regional Influence: Without Rana leadership, Nepal could have taken a different geopolitical posture, potentially playing a larger role in regional politics. Increased contact with British India, Tibet, and China may have altered Nepal’s geopolitical posture.
  • Early Economic Integration: Without the Ranas’ isolationist policy, Nepal could have merged into regional and global economies sooner. This might have resulted in faster economic development and modernization, bringing Nepal more in line with South Asian economic trends.

Long-term Impacts

  • Different National Identity: Without the Ranas, Nepal’s national identity could have grown differently. The consolidation of power by the Shah dynasty or a democratic administration may have resulted in a distinct feeling of nationalism and cultural identity.
  • Distinct Development Obstacles: Without the Rana regime, Nepal was likely to confront distinct obstacles. These could have included coping with external pressures from British India or China in new ways, negotiating regional conflicts, and managing internal power struggles in a fresh political setting.

Overall, while the Ranas’ rule had both beneficial and negative consequences for Nepal, an alternate history without them would have resulted in a different path for the country’s political, social, and economic development.


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