Gai jatra is a most popular festival of cow which is celebrated celebrates the Festival in the Kathmandu Valley to commemorate the death of loved ones and worshipping “Yamraj” i.e “God of Death”. The cow is considered to be the goddess of wealth in Hindu religion. Sadness and take comfort in knowing that their lost are safe sharing is the real reason for celebrating this festival.

In the framework of the Festival, family who lost members in last or present year have to send cow in the streets. If a cow is not available, small children dressed as a cow is regarded as fair compensation. However, began the tradition of the lead cow with children with funny costumes.

Story Behind Gai Jatra

Pratap Malla, king of Kathmandu valley during Malla Dynasty has lost his younger son and his wife (Queen) was in deep poverty sorrow all time. The King was very disappointed then he tried to bring back million missed smile on queen. King announced that someone could make queen laughter will be richly rewarded.

Pratap Malla is trying to bring a cow procession before the sad Queen. Then people tried with all their strength with different costumes and humorous acts. Dance and parade finally gave the Queen smile on her face. Smile time was temporary, but the procession gave the Queen a great relief. He knew that in the several deaths during the period and will not be alone. Death is a natural phenomenon and no one has control over to it.

From the day he began the tradition of King Pratap Malla parade cow boys with ups funny jokes of various brands costumes. The boys even give tails and make like a monkey and walk the path of Hanuman show people that death is the truth of life and everyone has on the face of The Gai Jatra tradition slowly evolved to daily.

After the parade, the cow festival which participants dress up and wear a mask will end in the afternoon. There are also people enjoy the moment with the song, funny, spoof, and juices until late at night.

Gai Jatra is a festival that allows people to accept the reality of death, and prepare for life after death. Treats pain and grief, at least briefly, when people see that cow and realize people are dying, and we’re not alone in the country, which have lost their loved ones.

Here, some of captured a few shot from Basantapur Darbar Square.

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