For the classic Chinese movie “Drunken Master” starring Jackie Chan, here are some key details:

Title: Drunken Master (醉拳)

Director: Yuen Woo-ping

Release Year: 1978

Genre: Martial Arts, Action, Comedy


Jackie Chan as Wong Fei-hung

Yuen Siu-tien as Beggar So / Sam Seed

Hwang Jang-lee as Thunderleg

Plot Summary: The plot of “Drunken Master” follows Wong Fei-hung, a naughty martial artist who is sent to learn discipline from Beggar So, a master of the Drunken Fist kung fu school. Wong Fei-hung learns the distinctive and seemingly unpredictable Drunken Fist style through intense training, which he uses to defeat the powerful and wicked Thunderleg.

Significance: The film is notable for its revolutionary martial arts choreography, merging comedy and action, and featuring Jackie Chan’s distinct style and physical comedy. “Drunken Master” is regarded as a martial arts classic, and it helped establish Jackie Chan as an international star.

Critics and spectators alike have hailed “Drunken Master” for its unique blend of martial arts, humour, and Jackie Chan’s captivating performances. Below are some highlights from various reviews:

Critical Acclaim

Action Choreography: The film’s battle scenes, choreographed by director Yuen Woo-ping, are praised for their inventiveness, fluidity, and intricacy. The Drunken Fist technique, with its unconventional and surprising moves, gives a distinct flavour to the martial arts genre.

Jackie Chan’s Performance: Chan’s portrayal of Wong Fei-hung is both dynamic and amusing. His physical comedy, paired with his martial arts abilities, distinguishes him from other action performers of the time. His ability to do complex feats and fight sequences without the assistance of a stunt double is very amazing.

Humor: The film successfully balances slapstick comedy and martial arts action. The humorous elements, such as Chan’s facial expressions and timing, bring a lighter tone to the fierce fight scenes.

Training Sequences: The training scenes between Wong Fei-hung and Beggar So are remarkable, demonstrating the dedication and ability required to learn the Drunken Fist method. These scenes are both enjoyable and important to the film’s story.

Audience Reception

Cult Classic: The film “Drunken Master” has become a cult classic among lovers of Jackie Chan and martial arts. Its influence may be observed in many following martial arts films, as well as in other media including video games and television series.

Enduring Popularity: Decades after its premiere, the picture remains popular, frequently appearing on lists of the top martial arts films of all time. Its combination of action and comedy continues to appeal to new generations of fans.

Notable Reviews

 Roger Ebert: Applauded the film’s creativity and Chan’s athleticism, citing excellent battle scenes that were both fascinating and hilarious.

Rotten Tomatoes: “Drunken Master” has a high rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics praising its inventive choreography and Chan’s breakout performance.

Empire Magazine: Characterised the film as a watershed moment in the martial arts genre, citing its influence on following action comedies and role in establishing Jackie Chan as a global superstar.

Overall Impact

“Drunken Master” is considered a pioneering film in the martial arts genre. It popularised the Drunken Fist style and made Jackie Chan a great celebrity in both the East and the West. The film’s successful blend of humour and action has impacted countless subsequent films and continues to set the standard for martial arts filmmaking.