Micro blogging site Twitter has suspended one million accounts (10 million) promoting terrorism. Giving this information on last Thursday, Twitter said that since 2015, it has suspended 10 lakhs accounts so far. At the same time he said that there is no room for violence-related activities on its platform.

In its latest report, Twitter said that it suspended 274,460 accounts promoting terrorism between July to December 2017. However, compared to the previous report, this figure is 8.4 percent lower.

In a statement released, Twitter further said, ‘After years of hard work, we have managed to make our platform a place where there is no room for things like violence and terrorism. We are seeing this change too. Such activities on Twitter have now come down.

Tell us that there was pressure from governments of many countries on Twitter to counter the jihad and violence spreading through its platform and to create a platform where people get freedom of expression.

In his report, Twitter said that 93 per cent of the accounts were able to suspend due to their internal tools, while 74 per cent of the accounts were suspended before their first tweets. It has been claimed in the report that the number of reports recorded in government records to promote terrorism is less than 0.2 percent of the suspended accounts so far.