On one side, where scientists are trying to reach Mars. At the same time, the American space agency NASA has brought an interesting project through which people can send their names to the sun. This would be possible through a space research vehicle called Parker Solar probe. It is likely that this vehicle will be launched between July or August.

According to NASA scientist Thomas Jubbershen, the sun is the brightest star in the universe, around which nine planets revolve. Even approaching it is not possible for both human and science, but we can send scientists to your name. Taking the sun’s heat and the dangerous radiation spread around it, your name will be transported very close to Sun’s environment.

Purpose :- The NASA Space Research Vehicle Parker Solar probe used to be similar to a small car. NASA professor Thomas said that this vehicle will travel straight into the sun’s atmosphere. The objective of this mission is to know how energy and heat constitute a circle around the sun.

NASA can send up to 27 April

According to Thomas, people interested in sending their name to Sun can send their name to NASA by April 27, 2018. These names should be sent online. Interested people can get registered on http://go.nasa.gov/HotTicket. People’s names will be written on microchip. This microchip will be sent close to the sun through the research vehicle. The maximum speed of this vehicle will be 6.92 lakh km per hour. This vehicle will reach 59 million km.

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