Janak was the historic king of ancient kingdom called Mithila’s which is current janakpur of Nepal. He was eldest son of Mithila and Nimi. He mostly had known as father of Lord Sita. In that time, King Janak was very famous for his spirituality and philosophy. Every one of his scholarly was praised.


The ancestors of the parents regard the surname of Nimi or Videha dynasty. This is a branch from Suryavanshi and Ikshvaku’s son Nimi. The second man Mithi Janak of Videha dynasty established Mithila town. Nimi was the king of this lineage. Nimi had organized a great sacrifice and invited Vashishta for patriarchy, but Vasishtha was engaged in the yagya of Indra at that time.

So they were unable to come. Nimi started her yagya with the help of Gautam and the Rishis. When Vashisht came to know about this, he cursed Nimi. But in response, Nimi also cursed Vasishtha. As a result both of them were burnt to death. Rishis kept the body of Nimi with a special treatment until the sacrifice was finished. Nimi did not have any children.

Therefore, the rishis summoned their body from the Arani, from which they had a son. The parent is also called ‘mithi’ due to the body being born from mindhen. Due to being born from the body, this son’s father, due to being a Vidhee, was named ‘Mithil’ due to ‘Vaidhe’ and Manthan.On this basis, they have Mithilapuri Bassei. In this total Shri Avtar Shakti Sita took the incarnation at the head of the Father.

Story about Shiva-Bow

Nimi’s eldest son was Devarata in the ancestors of King Janak. Shiva-bow was safe with the king Janak as their heritage. On the occasion of the dedication of the holy yagya, Lord Shiva tasted this bow and said that ‘the gods have not given them part of the sacrifice, so they will cut the head of the bow with their bow.’ The gods praised so much that Lord Shiv was pleased and gave this bow to the same gods. The gods had kept that bow as heritage near the ancestors of King Janak.

Once, King Janak made a sacrifice. Vishwamitra and Munis also inspired Ram and Lakshman to join the sacrifice. He said that both of them would also get an opportunity to visit Shiva-bow.


Once, King Janak sacrificed his gross body with his compound actions. Heaven came from an airplane to take his plane to the plane. From the path of Dev Lok, Janak reached Kalpuri, where many sinners were being tortured with various hell. When those people breathed in the air while touching their parents, they experienced the extinguishing of their tortures and the heat of hell fire began to turn into coldness. When the parents started coming from there, then the people of hell prayed to stop them. The father started thinking, ‘If these hellfire feel some relief from my presence, then I will be in this time of the time, this will be my paradise.’

While thinking that, they stopped there. Then there came the idea of ​​punishing different kinds of sinners according to their deeds and seeing the father there, he asked, ‘What are you doing here in hell?’ Describing the reason for his stay, the father said that he will depart from there only when the time will free him all. Kal said about every sinner why he is being tortured. Janak asked for the tip of liberation from their persecution from time immemorial. The time has said – ‘If some of your virtues are given to them, then they can be liberated.’

The father gave his virtue to him. After his release, the father asked him, ‘What sin did I have to come here?’ The time has said, ‘O Rajan, there is no virtue of any person you have in the world, but you did a small sin. Once you stopped a cow from eating grass, now you have to come here. You have reached the fruits, so you can go to heaven. ‘ Vivek (Janaka) bowed down to heaven after saluting the period. This is why the father is called Videha.

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