Jackie Chan : Actor, Action Choreographer, Film Producer, Martial Artist, Comedian

Birth: April 7, 1954 in Hong Kong
Parents: Charles and Lee-Lee Chan
Marriage: In 1982, from Taiwanese actress Lin Feng-Jiao.

Film world’s prestigious Oscar award ceremony was be held on 4 march 2018 at 6:45 am on Monday according to Nepal time. Only a few hours left for the award show. In such a way, we tell you an incident which is difficult to believe. Jackie Chan, who made the detective because of his surprise action in films, had to wait 56 years for the Oscars. Jackie Chan, 62, who has worked in more than 200 Hollywood and international films so far, was honored with the Oscars for the eighth annual Governors’ Award held in Los Angeles’s Hollywood and Highland Center in 2016.

This award was given by Jack Hanks, Michelle Yeoh and Chris Tucker to Jackie Chan. On this occasion, Hanks compared Jackie Chan to John Winn and Wuster Ketone. Jackie Chan said, like dreaming to get awards. Sharing his memories, he said, ‘I grew up watching my Oscars Award every year with my parents. My father used to say often son, you have won many film awards in the world, when will you win Oscar award? Then I used to say laughing at my father, only to say, Papa, I only do comedy action films.’

Chan shared the experience of Oscar awards to actor Sylvester Stallone when he went to meet Stallone. He said, ‘I had touched his title, kissed and smiled too. I think that there are still my own fingerprints on it. Then I told myself that I would really win this. Eventually, when Chairman of the Academy, Cheryl Boon Isaac, invited me for this, I asked, ‘Are you sure?’ Chain expressed his gratitude to his fans and promised him that he would continue to work and make films.

Film career

  • In 1962, for the first time at age eight, he starred in the film Big End Little Wong Tin Bar.
  • In 1971, he started his adult career in the film industry.
  • In the film industry, it has been connected for more than 56 years.
  • Have worked in more than 200 films.

Stunt knot

  • Most of their own stunts are done by the Jackie Chan stunt team.
  • Chain has been injured several times in an attempt to stunt.
  • In the incident during different stunts, the chain skull, fingers, paws, nose, both cheek bones, hip, neck, ankle, ribs etc. have broken.