PUBG Game (Player Unknown’s Battle Ground) is spreading fast in worldwide. Whether there are children or youth, everyone is getting crazy about ‘PUBG’ game. Instead of being active on social media, people like to spend time in ‘PUBG’ games. If the game’s fans believe that ‘PUBG’ is increasing their ability to think, psychiatrists are saying this game as deadly. This is a game that you can enjoy online with friends instead of searching things out of the internet.

PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battleground) :- ‘PUBG’ is an internet based action game. It can play in mobile, laptop, desktop, X-box or playstation-4. ‘PUBG ‘ has been developed by a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole, ‘PubG’ Corporation. ‘PUBG’ game can be play alone or through two or four companions (in the team).This is such a game in which 100 players get together on the island. Upon arrival, they have to go to different places where there is a need to collect the necessary items for arms, medicines and combats. Players get bike, car and a boat so that they can go everywhere and kill the second player in the game and move forward. The player who survives in 100 people becomes the winner of the game.

Danger of PUBG Game : – Now talk about its danger, due to this it is going to young people. Because of this, do not know how bloody diseases are causing diabetes. People using aggression in this game and the craze to win are aggressive.




Due to not getting proper sleep, the brain is harming, thereby increasing the problems of memory, lack of concentration, obstruction of learning, obstruction of intellectual development.

PUBG Game Side Effects: Everyone has got so much addiction to it that leave the work and keep it in the day and night. Due to the development of the minds of the children along with the youth as well as the body is having a bad effect.

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