It is unenthusiastic or uncontrolled contamination of limited natural resources is available for safe storage of living beings, including human beings. The detrimental effect is harmful for healthy survival and pollution in most cases not fully reversible. It can also define as the contamination of the natural environment with polluting substances dangerous to human health and animal health.

Pollution is a dramatic growth in all countries as a result of the increase in human activities associated with modern technology and an increase in the population. Even the daily living conditions are high factors ends when the contamination of any kind. Pollution is a health risk, undermine the wilderness and make the planet dangerous for future human survival. This technology and the desire for the development give greater pollution, but the measures taken to control or reduction is very modest.

What are pollutants?
Every material producing pollution is called the polluting substances. Pollutants might consist of any biological or biochemical likewise dust, grit, etc. materials, biotic element or product or corporal representatives released deliberately man in the environment in such a concentration that may have adverse, harmful or unpleasant consequences.
The pollutant can be also defining as each solid, liquid or gaseous material as a concentration as tended to be harmful to the environment. Pollutants are remnants of things that you use and dispose of it in a bin. There are numerous bases to be pollutants likewise the dumping and chemicals polluted in lakes and rivers contaminated water from factories or human’s home. Air pollution by gases or dust from vehicles exhaust pipe, thermal power stations, factories etc.

Types of pollution

  • Water pollution:- Water pollution in the case of pollutants likewise particles, chemicals, or water contaminated are discharged directly or indirectly into the waters without adequate treatment to get rid of harmful substances.
  • Air pollution:- Air Pollution is the harmful substances including particulate matter and biological molecules on earth in’s atmosphere which can cause the disease, allergies, or the death of people can also damage other living organisms.
  • Soil pollution:- Soil pollution is when people introduce harmful objects, chemicals, or directly or indirectly in the territory of in such a way as to avoid injury to other living things or damage the soil or water ecosystems.
  • Thermal pollution:- Thermal pollution, deterioration in water quality in any process of changes in temperature of the coolant. A common cause of thermal pollution is the use of water as a coolant from the factory and producers.
  • Radioactive pollution:- Radioactive contamination can be defined as the release of radioactive substances or with high energy consumption of the particles in the air, water or soil as a result of human activity, whether as a result of an accident or design.
  • Noise pollution:- Noise pollution refers to excessive noise that interferes with normal activities, which could lead to a reduction in the quality of life. The main sources of noise include machinery and equipment, Fireworks, cars, musical performances and emergency sirens.
  • Light pollution:- Light pollution is a broad concept, which applies to many of the problems caused by inefficient, disgusting excessive use of artificial light. Special categories of light pollution include transgression, lighting, glare without the clutter of cables and sky-glow.

Various principle causes of pollution

Water pollution

  • Industrial waste:- Industries producing large quantities of waste containing toxic chemical substances and pollutants that can cause air pollution and destruction of our and our environment. Contain the polluting substances such as lead, mercury, sulfur, asbestos, nitrates and many other harmful chemicals. Many sectors do not have an adequate system of waste management in place and empty in fresh water, goes into rivers.
  • Sewage and waste water:- In discharges and waste water produced in every home is chemically treated and released into the river, fresh water. Water from the sewer shall be borne by the harmful bacteria and chemicals can cause serious health problems. These carriers damage inflict diseases through various forms of communication on individuals. Malaria is a very common example of diseases.
  • Burning of fossil fuels:- Fossil fuels such as coal and oil burning produces large quantities of ash in the atmosphere. The particulates containing toxic substances in mixtures with water vapor due to acid rain. Also, the emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels have an impact on global warming.
  • Animals waste:- Waste products from animals washed away in rivers, when it rains. It is mixed with other harmful substances and causes the various water diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, icterus, dysentery and typhoid.
  • Global warming:- The increase in relation to the body temperature as a result of the greenhouse effect leading to global warming. It increases the temperature of the water causes the death of aquatic fauna and marine species, which later results of water pollution.

Air pollution

  • Burning of fossil fuels:- The content of sulfur dioxide emitted from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and other flammable materials from the production is one of the main causes of air pollution. Pollutant emitted by the vehicle including vehicles and jeeps, cars, trains, aircraft, a huge amount of pollution.
  • Agricultural activities:- The ammonia is a very common from the product from the agriculture related activities and it is one of the most dangerous gases into the atmosphere. The use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers in agricultural activities has been sufficiently developed. Emit harmful chemicals in the air and may also cause the pollution of water.
  • Exhaust from Industries/Factories:- The processing industry release large amounts of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, organic compounds and substances in the air which damage the air quality. The Community industry can be found in all parts of the world and is not affected.
  • Mining operators:- Mining is a process in which the minerals under the earth extracted large equipment. During the process of dust and chemical substances are released into the air, causes huge air pollution. This is one of the reasons are responsible for a deterioration of the health of workers and persons permanently living in the vicinity.
  • Indoor Air pollution:- Household cleaning products, paint supplies emit toxic chemical substances in the air and cause air pollution. Have you ever noticed when coat walls of your home, creates a scent that it is virtually impossible to breathe.

Thermal pollution

  • Nuclear power plant:- Nuclear facilities including drainage from hospitals, research institutes, nuclear tests and explosions, discharge a lot of heat is used together with traces of toxic radiosondes in the vicinity of water flows.
  • Coal fired plants:- Coal-fired power plants, are an important source of heat pollution. The condenser coils in such facilities are water-cooled from lakes and rivers. The heated water is discharged flows which increase the temperature of the water from 15C.
  • Industrial effluents:- Industrial sectors such as the textile industry, paper pulp and sugar production release the huge amount of water cooling system along with the waste water in the field of natural waters. Water contaminated as a result of sudden and heavy organic loads lead to a serious reduction in the level of the concentration of dissolved oxygen, which has resulted in the deaths of many aquatic organisms.
  • Domestics sewage:- Home is the discharges into rivers, lakes, channels or flows with minimum processing or no treatment. These wastes have a higher temperature organic and environmental load. This leads to a reduction in the dissolved oxygen in water, which leads to the creation of anaerobic conditions can cause the ugly and offensive gases in water.
  • Hydro-electric power:- The hydroelectric energy production, often leads to negative heat load in aquatic systems. In addition to the power supply for the industrial sectors of different production plants with the requirement of cooling contribute to thermal stresses.

Radioactive pollution

  • Nuclear Power plants:- Nuclear power stations produce radiation to a much lesser extent in addition to accidental leakage. The pollution caused by underwater nuclear weapons, testing and explosions. The atmospheric radioactive fallout is mainly as a result of the space particle shower or in relation to the beginning of the terrestrial materials from the depths of the universe.
  • Radio-active wastes:- Nuclear power stations and batch of nuclear radioactive waste management. Disposal of such wastes has become a global problem. In some countries who produce large quantities of nuclear waste dump in the ocean of the vicinity of any other country. Radioactive contamination of water courses and other waters from the production of nuclear weapons test page.
  • Radio-isotopes:- Radio-isotopes which is also prepared artificially fusion energy research and nuclear fission. If the radio-isotopes which are not properly handled, transmit radiation cause pollution.
  • Television set:- No one can prevent exposure of some radiation. We are surrounded by natural radioactivity in the earth and cosmic radiation from space. This phenomenon is called a disturbing background and cannot be controlled. We are exposed to artificial radiation that can and must be checked. Televisions create radiation that can may cancer.

Noise pollution

  • Industrial:- High intensity of the sound emitted by the device in various sectors, factories and industries are the main causes of industrial noise pollution. Construction companies, printing presses, Textile mills and metal works extremely create noise.1 machine noise mechanical pneumatic drills, saws and rotating belts produce unbearable sounds and hinder the public.
  • Household Utilities:- Households are the source of the noise and may cause disruption of peace of mind. Common sources of noise of the household pollutants includes domestic gadgets such as pressure cookers, washing machines, mixing grinders, desert coolers, refrigerating, sewing machines and vacuum cleaners.
  • Transportation:- The transportation results in a noise mainly involve the traffic noise, handrails and aircraft. The number of vehicles on the road, more and more urgent because the car revolution in the urban environment. Mopeds and motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks are rapidly increased in number from the last century would further exacerbate the problem of traffic noise.
  • Public address and alarm system:- In some countries with careless noise pollution policies, people have at least a justification for the use of the speakers. Used for reasons including birth, marriage, death rites, advertising and religious function. During the elections and demonstration public address systems are also widely used. As a result, the public address systems in their own way contribute to the noise pollution.
  • Social events:- Social events such as the cult of parties and concerts and discotheques and so on to create a lot of noise for people who live in the region. For example festive event produces a loud noises from the tools used to increase the voices and sounds from the pulpit. However loud noises from these events are mostly just as peak noise.

Light pollution

  • Urban sky glow:- While the nature of the poetic and more favorable for the night sky through residential areas are really responsible for the disappearance of our galaxy and the stars in many areas. More and more, most importantly the necessary equipment and enjoy the wonders of the night sky is a vehicle with a full tank of gas and map.
  • Light trespass:- Noise from the customer complaint does not rare, but that the customer complaint? This may be the case with trespass in unwanted light entering the private ownership of its neighbor, dipped headlights, street lamps.
  • Over-illumination:- It is often coincide with urban sky glow and occurs when excessive lighting to draw attention to the important building. Monuments of historical buildings and attention to finding skyscrapers come to mind.
  • Glare:- If unprotected light from another source is poured into the sky and elsewhere, reflection, can reduce the visibility and blindness.

Various principle effect of pollution

Water pollution

  • Health aspect of water:- The consumption of contaminated water is the main cause of ill health. Contaminated water causes some fatal diseases such as cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, tuberculosis, icterus, etc. about 80 percent of the stomach diseases in India caused by contaminated water.
  • Organic pollution on water quality:- All organic materials can be divided or degradation of microbial and other biological activity (digestion). Organic and some inorganic compounds of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), as oxygen is used in the deterioration of the process.
  • Nutrients on water:- Water supports aquatic life due to the presence of nutrients. Here are the main emphasis is fertilization chemical substances such as nitrates and phosphates. Although these are important for plant growth, many nutrients supports a range of plant life and can lead to the destruction of the environment with the name ‘eutrophication”.
  • High dissolved solid in water:- Water is the best solvent and can dissolve a wide range of substances in contact. The quantity of dissolved substances is a very important element to be taken into consideration when determining the suitability for drinking, irrigation and industrial use. It is generally water with total dissolved substances is lower than 500 mg/l, is the most appropriate for drinking.
  • Toxic pollutants on water quality:- Toxic air pollutants is mainly composed of heavy metals, pesticides and other pollutants ξενοβιοτικεσ. The ability of the water from the House to support the aquatic life and their suitability for use depends on several trace elements. Some metals, e.g. Mn, Zn, Cu, trace quantities is important for life, which help to regulate many physiological functions of the Agency.
  • Thermal discharge on water quality:- Drain the cooling water from the industrial and commercial activities generally warms the aquatic environment. The organization may become abnormal stress or may even be killed during exposure to hot water. If the water heating is completed by the summer heat, the impact on the aquatic environment can be devastating.

Air pollution

  • Respiratory and heart problem:- The effects of air pollution is worrying. It is known for the creation of many diseases of the airways and cardiac conditions together with cancer among other threats to ground. Several people known die as a result of direct or indirect effects of air pollution. A child in areas exposed to air pollutants is typically suffered from pneumonia and asthma.
  • Global warming:- Other direct effect is the direct conversion of worldwide witnesses as a result of global warming. When the temperature increase worldwide increases the level of the sea and the melting of the ice in the colder parts of the areas and ice pulls, displacement and loss of habitat already indicates the approaching disaster in the case of measures for the conservation and normalization does not take as soon as possible.
  • Acid rain:- Harmful gases, such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides in the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels. If it rains, a water droplet is associated with pollutants acid and then falls on the ground in the form of acid rain. Acid rain can cause substantial damage to human, animal and plant health.
  • Eutrophication:- Eutrophication is a condition where high levels of nitrogen in certain pollutants receive developed the sea surface and converts it on algae and impact on fish, plants and animals. Green algae and marshes are in lakes due to the presence of chemical.
  • Effect on wildlife:- As for human and animal health are also facing some devastating effects of air pollution. Toxic chemicals are in the air may apply to wild species of the transition to a new location and change their habitat. Toxic pollutant emissions are stored on the surface of the water and may also affect the marine organisms.
  • Depletion of Ozone layer:- In the current ozone in the stratosphere is responsible for the protection of human beings from harmful ultraviolet (UV). The ozone layer ozone is due to the presence of chlorofluorocarbons, hydro chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere. The ozone layer will be thin, will emit harmful radiation back down to the ground and can cause skin and eye problems associated with. UV rays are also able to influence the crops.

Soil pollution

  • Health of human:- Due to the fact that the country is therefore able to withstand yourself, contamination has a significant impact on our health. Crops and plants grown in contaminated soil will absorb much of the pollution. This may explain the sharp increase in small and terminal illness.
  • Growth of plants:- Fertility decreases slowly to land unsuitable for agriculture and local vegetation to survive. Soil contamination is caused by a large amount of soil hazardous to health. In contrast with the sweet that is suitable for natural vegetation, such as land cannot support more forms of life.
  • Decreased soil fertility:- Toxic chemical substances that exist on the territory may reduce soil fertility and therefore reduce the effectiveness of the territory. Contaminated soil is then used for the production of fruit and vegetables, which lacks quality nutrients and may include some poisonous substances cause serious health problems in people who consume.
  • Toxic dust:- The emission of toxic and raw gas from landfills pollute the environment and cause serious effects on human health. The unpleasant smell cause discomfort to other people.
  • Changes in soil structure:- The deaths of many entities in the territory likewise earthworms in soil may lead to a deterioration in the structure of the soil. In addition it would also be useful but predators go elsewhere while foraging.

Thermal pollution

  • Reduction in dissolved oxygen:- In the warm reduces the level (oxygen dissolved in water. Hot water can hold less oxygen from the cold water. The reduction may not be created asphyxiation for plants and animals, including fish, amphibians and copepods, which can lead to anaerobic conditions. Water heater enables algae thrive on the surface of the water and the long-term cultivation of algae may reduce the content of oxygen in the water.
  • Increase in toxicity:- With steady high-output temperature in the sectors there is a huge increase of toxins only regurgitated existing in the natural water areas. These toxins can contain chemicals or radiation which may have serious consequences for the local environment and susceptible to various diseases.
  • Interference in biological activity:- The hollow in biological activity in the water can cause considerable loss of biodiversity. Changes in the environment may cause some species of animals shall be located in another country and may be a considerable number of species, offset can occur because the water heater. Organizations can be easily set may have an advantage over the organizations that are not used in higher temperatures.
  • Interference in reproduction:- The main obstacle for reproduction of marine organisms (although this may be true, play, may arise between the fish – but sensitivity to defects in newborns is significantly higher) may occur as a result of the increase in the temperature of the clearance can be done with some temperature range. Too high temperatures can cause the release of immature eggs or disrupt the normal development of some of the eggs.
  • Direct mortality:- Heat pollution is directly responsible for the mortality of aquatic organisms. Increase the temperature of the water leads to depletion of micro-organisms with effect on the reduction of the fish life.

Radioactive pollution

  • Multi-factorial diseases:- Various diseases and progress depends on many factors such as the registration of birth defects and adult outbreaks of the disease which is two years and acute in nature.
  • Reproductive effect:- If a person is exposed to the high levels of radioactive material levy becomes the reproductive system. Effects as explained at birth, physical degradation at birth and other such things lead to reproductive defects.
  • Somatic effect:- Persons exposed to radiation pollution will face the tissues and cells of damage leading to loss of hair, oral ulceration, hemorrhage, skin and low blood platelet count. Some of them may encounter problems, cardiovascular diseases, leukemia, infertility and premature aging.
  • Genetic effect:- That could lead to the chromosomal aberrations and mutation, where the radiation can cause damage to the bottom of the strands, adverse effects on genetic dilution directly or may be delayed for a long time. Future generations could also be damaged as a result of these changes in genetic constitution.

Noise pollution

  • Hearing problem:- Any unwanted sound, our ears are not built with filter can cause problems in the body. Our Ears may take in a range of sounds without damaging it. Artificial sounds, jackhammers, horns, machinery, aircraft, even vehicles may be too difficult to listen to us. Continuous exposure loud noise level can easily lead to hearing damage and hearing loss.
  • Health issues:- Excessive noise in the workplace such as offices, construction, bars, even in our homes can have an effect on mental health. Studies have shown that the phenomenon of aggressive behavior, impaired sleep, stable, stress and fatigue and hypertension may be associated with excessive noise levels. These may cause serious and chronic health problems later in life.
  • Sleeping disorder:- Loud noise can certainly hinder the structure of sleep and can lead to skin irritation and unpleasant situations. Without a good night sleep may lead to problems associated with the fatigue and performance can go home and in the office. It is therefore appropriate to adopt healthy sleep to give your body a good rest.
  • Cardiovascular issues:- Blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and to emphasize that the heart problems are on the rise. Studies show that the high intensity noise caused by high blood pressure and increases heart rate, which interferes with normal blood flow. The placing on the manageable level depends on the understanding of the noise and how to deal with it.
  • Trouble communicating:- High decibel level of noise can be a problem and may not allow two people to communicate freely. This may lead to misinterpretation and you can get difficult to understand. Constant High-pitched sound can provide you with serious headaches and disturb the emotional balance.
  • Effect on wildlife:- Wild faces many more problems than people because of the noise because it depends more on the sound. The animals shall develop a better sense of hearing from the US, because their survival depends on it. The side-effects of excessive noise begins at home. Animals react aggressively in households where the constant noise.

Light pollution

  • Human health:- Various negative effects on human health and the health of the people who are connected to the light pollution. The light may cause greater headache, fatigue, stress and anxiety. The light of transgression during nights may disturb our sleep, which can lead to long-term health problems. Exposure to excessive light at night is known to suppress the production of melatonin, who is responsible for the strengthening of the immune system.
  • Ecosystem:- The light pollution in the vicinity of the beaches and coast river may have an impact on the aggressive smooth roll and faces and hunting habits pelagic organisms. For example sea turtles hatch when in the dark and nascent light over the water to return to the ocean. In this way the thousands of sea turtles die each year in Florida.
  • Astronomy:- In the field of astronomy is also in danger due to light pollution. Sky glow caused by the diffusion of light in the atmosphere; tend to reduce the contrast in the night sky, which makes it difficult to light view heavenly bodies. Light can trespass distortions comments on entry into the telescope.
  • Waste of energy sources:- Lighting occupies a large part of the consumption of energy in the world. When we use excessive lighting is living spaces, wasting valuable energy and therefore pay more for electricity consumption. The light pollution is responsible for issuing the millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions and waste of money.

How can we prevention pollution?

Water pollution

  • Sewage treatment:- The household, water must be properly treated is safe for the environment. Care should be taken to ensure effective treatments are in place and the contaminated water is not in combination with regard to the environment with a view to prevent pollution of water, human and animal faces must be prevented mixing with the resources.
  • Prevent river water to get polluted:- The water flow of the river is not easy cleaning natural process. Because the large amounts of foreign substances are discharged into the water and river water is dirty. This can cause human disease with river water. That is why every effort should be made to avoid the river water is dirty. People should not be allowed to throw waste into the waters of the river.
  • Treatment plants:- Large cities are usually in the effluent. These plants filter suspended solids. Chemical treatment is also individually undesirable dissolved chemicals. The treated water is either go to water containers or refused homes. Occasionally, treated water is used to grow if the field, irrigated in the vicinity of the waste water treatment installations.
  • Keep the pond water clean and safe:- Washing, bathing waters of cattle in the pond of man must not be carried out. Money laundering clothes and bathing cattle to contaminated water with a puddle and unfit for human consumption. If these lakes are always being abused, then it can cause serious consequences.
  • Self-hygiene:- The resulting hygiene must be maintained and drinking water should be contaminated. Potable water must be kept secret in a clean place. Practicing for clean drinking water reservoirs at regular intervals must be strictly observed. Water intended for drinking, should be cleaned before use. The absence of good water filter is recommended to drink the boiling water.
  • Public awareness:- Common should know about the impact of water pollution. A voluntary organization should go from door to door to educate citizens about environmental problems. You should make the street plays create environmental awareness. Students can undergo training in the field of health in order to enable people to avoid contamination of water.

Air pollution

  • Use renewable energy:- This is one of the best solution for pollution. The burning of fossil fuels, coal and natural gas generates harmful gases, add to the atmosphere. On the other hand, renewable sources of energy such as the sun, wind, water, air, etc., energy production without pollution. Therefore, the use of renewable energy sources must be strengthened and support.
  • Protect forest and grow more trees:- If we want to prevent air pollution should protect our forests. It should also be planting trees. Also the afforestation and reforestation should be supported. While the afforestation will contribute to the creation of forest land with trees at a certain point in the process of reforestation that will contribute to the creation of forest land not forest trees or for a long time.
  • Use of solar electric vehicles:- It is recommended that people should use electric hybrid vehicles with low power consumption produced 0 direct emissions, and thus helps to prevent air pollution. With green vehicles is also a good idea. Green environmentally vehicles helps to emit less harmful effects on the environment in comparison to the delivery of the vehicle.
  • Proper vehicle maintains:- Correct maintenance and repair of vehicles, which helps to reduce excessive harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons etc. from vehicles. It also increases the efficiency of fuel for vehicles. You should always vehicles is to check the quality and the condition from time to time. The vehicles are in good condition produce less harmful emissions than those that are in poor condition.
  • Clean and efficient garbage disposable system:- Effective garbage disposal systems should be organised in various public areas, so the trash can be disposed of in a proper manner. It should also be discarded concave and collected in separate containers with categories as plastic waste liquids and solid substances for the handling of waste must be managed effectively without harming the environment.
  • Public awareness:- Awareness of air pollution is very necessary. If people stay informed about pollution causes and dangerous consequences that will make every effort to combat and prevent air pollution.

Soil pollution

  • Go organic:- Organic farming uses much less of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and prevents chemicals from seeping into the soil.
  • Proper farming:- The search for alternative chemical fertilizers and pesticides is a great way to prevent soil erosion. Pan and mixed crops are also supported.
  • Dispose of household waste:- The recycling of waste and dumping in landfills will have on the territory without pollution. Not throwing batteries and electric appliances in household waste bins will help to keep the soil without dangerous chemicals.
  • Manage industrial waste:- Appropriate management of industrial and municipal waste may prevent the formation of rust. Treatment of solid waste is also a good preventive measures. The task in the area of health and safety for checks and proper disposal methods ensure industrial chemicals and other waste should not be allowed to enter the valuable soil.
  • Community awareness:- To create awareness of the impact of soil pollution can help to avoid the appearance.
  • Burn fewer fossil fuels:- Cleaner Air is easier for us to have a clearer soil. Fresh, clean the rain will keep the territory without the pollutants.

Thermal pollution

  • Cooling towers and artificial lakes:- Industries producing excessive heat release of hot water in the water channels. This water affect the normal water temperature affecting the ecosystem negatively. Cost effective solutions for this problem with cooling ponds and let hot water loses temperature with.
  • Save electricity:- Electricity was never cheap goods. Production includes coal combustion in thermal power plants, which is used for heating water and steam produced is used for power plants that generate electricity. But the waste heat generated by thermal power plants in large quantities and can cause excessive heat pollution.
  • Circular plowing to prevent erosion:- Agricultural Practice is a method of plowing and can also be used to prevent corrosion tillage. Blocks are located around in limits for the prevention of soil erosion and retain its texture and soil quality.
  • Reuse of heated water:- Heated water in sectors may be re-used to heat their homes or buildings. This in turn will minimize the heat transfer with natural water bodies and helps to prevent heat pollution.
  • Co-generation:- The combined production of heat and electricity is based on the principle of the use if the residual heat from the production of electricity is used to provide heat in the houses and buildings. Therefore the combined production of heat and electricity and the combined production of heat and electricity is an effective measure to prevent heat pollution.
  • Environmental awareness:- In this set of circumstances questions heat pollution is increasing during the period. The only viable solution would have been to raise awareness about the environment and people are aware of the negative effects of rapid industrialization.

Radioactive pollution

  • Safe storage:- Radioactive contamination must be stored in specific containers which are not break easily and does not allow the radiation to escape.
  • Clear warning:- The radioactive material may stain clothing or skin. Then as a person moves the environment can infect others living organisms. Clear warnings about the presence of radioactive material will be avoided. Of course, the animals are not in a position to read these warnings and this is the reason why sufficient receptacles are also necessary.
  • Alternate sources of energy:- The search for alternatives in the field of nuclear energy will reduce the number of nuclear power plants throughout the world and therefore reduce the risks associated with radioactive material. Radioactive materials are in different places in the nuclear power plant. Radioactive materials used for the production of nuclear energy. In addition, waste from nuclear power plants is also radioactive.
  • Nuclear discharge:- Disarmament and get rid of nuclear weapons are a very important means to eliminate the risks associated with radioactive materials.
  • Proper disposal of radioactive waste:- Radioactive waste must be disposed of in a concrete way. We cannot simply be buried in the ground or will expire in the basket, just as they pollute the environment. Furthermore, even though this is not switched off gradually over time, radioactive waste remains radioactive over a long period. How long depends on what is said “I intervene half-life” people who emit radiation.

Noise pollution

  • Public awareness:- For the prevention and control of noise is necessary to create a public awareness. The only law is not sufficient. The people must be aware of the harmful effects of noise. The people must be aware that excessive noise under certain restrictions may cause industrial deafness.
  • Controlling sound instrument:- people must be aware that the injury caused by the pollution of the sound is often irreversible. It should be a minimum of means. Appropriate measures must be taken to use the speakers and other equipment which produces noise beyond outside the tolerance limits of human beings.
  • Restriction for loud noise:- Control of noise pollution and the Supreme Court had already effective measures to ensure the proper pollution under control. Appropriate measures should be taken to ensure that the noise from the restrictions is not violated.
  • Banning the firecracker:- Fire crackers, should be avoided and electrical corners should be replaced with the corners of the bulb.
  • Managing stage performance:- The measures to be taken against air pollution legislation should be adopted and implemented. Use microphones must be controlled and regulated.

Light pollution

  • Stay informed about light pollution:- The first proposed solution to this problem is to spread awareness of light pollution & the means of redress. Many of us do not even know that light can also cause environmental pollution. It is not a clever. It is therefore the duty of those who are already familiar with and are aware of the light pollution to the spread of the awareness of people who have been heard.
  • Use less light:- Another easy way to reduce the light pollution is off unnecessary light, whenever and wherever possible. I outdoor lights should be off when going to sleep or have no work outside the home.
  • Use less decorative lighting:- The festival season consumes very light. Many people bright lighting throughout the day and night. The use of these decorative lighting must be rich. Unlike the use of the plug and prove, should be supported, in particular during the festive period.
  • Take preventive measure wherever possible:- To reduce pollution, preventive measures must be taken where possible. For example glare-free light should be used anywhere and must not be allowed to use the lighting systems that have strong glare.
  • Avoid light trespassing:- It should be ensured that the external light enters the home through windows. For example, if you want to light your garden, and then make sure your garden lighting does not enter into your neighbor ‘house with in such a way as disturbed. Use lighting systems which are not taken into account in your neighbor window.


  • Water pollution:- Water pollution takes many forms, which are harmful and none of them is less important than the other. Whether the oil pollution that is usually quiet (except for occasional large waterproof), but deadly polluter or broad sense of chemical pollution which may include continuous organic pollutants (including dioxin in DDT), all water pollution have unimaginable consequences.
  • Air pollution:- Our planet Earth is home to all people, animals and plants. We are the people who made the problem of air pollution. It is therefore our duty to find and follow the instructions to solve this problem. Let us pledge to protect and enhance our environment, because this is the best present we can in the next generation!
  • Soil pollution:- Protecting the environment is essential. Prevention of soil erosion, will contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet for this generation and it is important both for businesses and individuals to act now in order to avoid pollution of soil from the beautiful plant and animal species in danger of extinction and their food supply in danger.
  • Thermal pollution:- Our planet Earth is unique in every aspect. It is only the planet in the solar system to survive life has shown that the savings resulting from the disaster is our concern. Therefore, appropriate measures should be taken for the prevention of pollution and then save on our planet Earth.
  • Radioactive pollution:- As science advanced radiation, has become an increasingly important part of society. However atomic decline was used for what could be argued positive, such as the production of nuclear energy, radioactive material may be very dangerous pollutants.
  • Noise pollution:- The noise pollution is real. It is not just a slight discomfort. This can negatively affect the lives of people and animals. A server creates threats such as the danger for the environment and health problems, habitat loss etc. Also changes the way people held together. As such, we all need to be careful and contribute to pollution.
  • Light pollution:- The light pollution caused by human activity in 039;with their own activity which does not have a surplus. And even if we live on a daily basis with this problem can be controlled. And to encourage education in the correct use of the lighting is one way to do it. Use the LED lamps to reduce the effects of ambient light pollution as well as the strength is almost twice as big as the light is called the batteries.


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