Laxmi Prasad Devkota was born on 1966 in Dillibazar, Kathmandu on the association of laxmi puja. He was called laxmi Prasad because he was born in night of Lakshmi Puja and his parent named after goddess. He was rich in fantastic talent of the Nepali literature. In addition, he suffered a lot of difficulties in his life. Devkota’s life is not only interesting, but also struggle and sorrow.

Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota has contributed significantly to Nepalese literature. The literary works of Devkota are immortal property of Nepali literature. The poets like Devkota will born only once in one era. He started writing poetry of his father and sat on the literature. His father Tilmadhav Devkota wanted to make her a pundit, but he wanted to get English education as he started reading English. He passed the tenth grade from eighth class at the age of 17 and passed the Matric from Patna, India.

Devkota passes ISC at Trichand College. While he studying ISC, he published the Poem named ‘Lakshmi, TC College, Nepal’ from Gorkhapatra weekly. He studied the BA from Patna University, India as a private examination, and passed away from that BL.
He was of love nature. From youth age, Lakshmi Prasad started writing an invaluable romantic feeling part of his life. His first poem was ‘Ghadi’ (घडी) and read among friends. He was titled by ‘kopilaudo kavi’( कोपिलाउदो कवि) by his friends. Laxmi prasad understood fourteen languages and he written poems in nine languages ​​through Newspaper Sharda Monthly.

In the sixteen years, Devkota’s marriage with Mandevi Chalise and Mandevi became an important character from all the characters around the world. At that time, he wrote ‘MunaMadan’ even after showing the strongness of his family. Devkota and Mandevi made five daughters and four sons.

In the era of Rana Emperor, Devkota became a prisoner to open the library in Nepal. But he released from jail by paying a hundred rupees fine. Devkota was a provident and at some point, he wrote poems ‘udeskhya k linu?, udi chunu Chandra ek’ (उद्देश्य के लिनु ? उडी छुनु चन्द्र एक) then many people like this poem very much.

Laxmi Prasad was against Hindi language in parliament of Nepal and he replaced English in speech against Hindi language. He started teaching in Nepali instead of Hindi in school throughout Nepal. His contribution to Nepali language being developed as a national language is incomparable. Devkota was formed in the cabinet of autonomous government under the leadership of Dr. Kai Singh on August 5. He was minister for 110 days.

Laxmi Prasad was sometimes engaged in politics, sometimes in a literary seminar when religious discourse. Sometimes he used to write Congressional speeches when he was at the time of a minor. For some time, Kai Singh’s party walked even more active.

In the year 2013 B.S, he also received an opportunity to speech his poems from All-India radio in India with the help of Harivanshwari Bachchan. During the work of Tribhuvan University, he went to Lucknow, India. There he was suffered from stomach pain and after surgery he was diagnosed with ulcer. He was very depressed and suffered a lot of stomach pain. After all he lived for a few years and leave from this land forever. He died on 14 September 1959 at age of 50 years in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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