According to the Nepalese calendar, we are welcoming the Rampage of the New Year, 2075 with leaving our imagination, success and failure, as our meaningful experience of various aspects of life. We are entering 2075 in the same way when people started counting time.

On our basis of our World calendar, our new year is has been celebrated. Again, it’s time to celebrate the Nepalese New Year according to the Nepal calendar schedule.

After all, celebrating New Year as a festival to open up with positive thinking, good news about peace, courage, peace and progress. We all Nepalese are busy about sharing good wishes via social networks, email and phone. It is not the purpose of the flow of life but nothing but happiness. Life is an eternal journey – to happiness, to the joy the ultimate purpose hidden behind every action and purpose is to be calm, cool, and happy. Even if you open the shell of self-confidence from outside, every person raises questions about his thoughts towards his actions. How often is my purpose in life? Where should I reach what is the achievement of my life? Whether we’re right or not?

In fact, it is our success to live in the New Year with pure feelings / thoughts such as healthy, positive thinking efficacy and peace. Without the balance between these dimensions, our actions do not take us into happiness, peace and progress. So we would like to have the good wishes of all the good things, good health, courage, peace, peace. This means – thoughts are positive / positive after being healthy, every work done by positive thoughts succeeds, and after success is successful, happiness and peace are not enough. But we are experiencing daily fact that progress is not sustainable and sustainable in just one direction without balanced development. Therefore, we can only safeguard the expression of good wishes in our creativity, otherwise only in words, expression will be limited only.

Finally, life does not allow us to break on any purpose, any achievement, and in many ways raising new questions, keeps moving towards new tasks and unnecessary needs. The work, which we can live completely with openly, can be mentally liberated and we can enter into the ocean of an unbelievable joyous smile, a simple, simple smile, which is the purpose of life. Happy New Year’s happiness and joy have continued forever for years.