• Use private and small vehicles on the right lane.
  • Always use left lane for heavy loader, passenger and slow moving vehicles.

Traffic Police request for Safe Driving Tips

  • Do not drive by consuming alcohols.
  • Follow the traffic lane discipline.
  • Do not use mobile phones while driving.
  • Don’t ride at high speeds and don’t be negligent while driving.
  • Just check the vehicle before using it.
  • Use Looking Glass and Side Light when turning right or left or overtaking.
  • Exit from the branch road to the main road and take caution by giving priority to the main road.
  • Use a seat-belt / helmet while driving.
  • Do not use the horn unnecessarily.
  • Overtake only on the right side in a safe place.
  • Do not use high beams to interfere with other vehicles during the night.
  • Do not overtake and change lanes on roadways, turns and bridges.
  • Passenger should pickup / drop only at designated Bus stop.
  • When using Bus Stop always use the left side looking glass and side light.
  • From the Bus Stop to the main road, use the right side looking glass and the side light.
  • Prioritize pedestrians over zebra crossing.