Hollywood’s ‘Black Panther’ film has hit the whole world. So far, the film has overtaken all Hollywood movies in terms of earnings. The film has so far earned about 80 billion rupees. Everyone is amazed with this magnificent earnings of the film.

According to reports in the media, ‘Black Panther’ is the fifth film of superheroes who has earned so much money. The special thing is that this film is Disney’s 16th film which has broken all the records of earnings. ‘Black Panther’ had earned more than 20 crores from Asia.

Talk about the other films so far, the movie ‘The Avengers’ has nearly 97 billion, ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, about 90 billion, ‘Iron Man-3’ has about 77 billion and ‘Captain America Seventh War’ The billion is earning. ‘Black Panther’ has so far earned about 80 billion The film’s earnings will soon cross 80 billion.

Let us tell you that ‘Black Panther’ directed by Ryan Cooler was released in theaters on February 16. Cadwick Bosman plays the role of superhero in this movie. ‘Black Panther’ is the first film of the studios in which a black artist is in the lead role.

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  1. I saw it 2 times and last night again and agree! The costumes, music, acting and all the strong women that why I absolutely loved the movie.

  2. Godsdamn…….!!! this was a awasome and fantastice movie ever I watched Marvel films.

    The set and clothing designers really need to win all the awards. If here justice alive, this will kickstart some other mass-market Afrofuturist works (Zelazny! Jemisin! Monae!)

  3. lack Panther is one of the few Marvel films that sets up a character while being a spectacle to view from start to finish. It had a testament to origin stories that also keeps the viewers attention as an entertaining movie. The acting in this is also so good. Everyone was great in it though….