Araniko (1245-1306) was one of the key figures in the art of the Chinese Nepalese and Yuan Dynasties and art exchanges in these areas. He was born in Kathmandu, Nepal, during the reign of Jaya Bhima, Dev Malla was sent to the construction of a Golden Pillar in Tibet, where he also started in Munich. From Tibet, he was sent to northern China to work in the yard Emperor Kublai Khana, the founder of the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368), where he brought the transhimalian artistic tradition in China. In his later life, he left his monk and started a family in China, married seven other women, including six sons and eight daughters .

Because of some confusion in the translation, his name is differently written as Arniko or Araniko in old texts. The mistake he gave to Baburam Achary attributed his name to Sanskrit as Balabah. However, he later argues that Aniko might be a Chinese pronunciation for the Sanskrit name Anek. It is also possible that his name means Aa Ni Ka, meaning ‘a worthy brother from Nepal.’

History Background

Before Europe’s Revolutionary Revolution in Europe, more than 700 years ago, there was a tremendous specimen of ancient metaphysics and sculptors of Nepal, who achieved the highest technical knowledge of many chemical methods in architecture and statue. Even though he was actually named Balabhya, Arini’s name was known as ‘Vishnu’. Ariane was not the only artist, he was also a sculptor and a scientist. Scientific and sculptor Arianko inspired Nepali architecture and 24 Nepalese artists to spread metal science in China and Tibet. It seems that it has proved to be very efficient in the work of renovating the old statue, Tibet and many colors of golden sunshine in China, and by the fact that knowledge of the chemical properties of ports has been proven. He built a magnificent white pagoda in Pagodas style in China. In China, he was given the title of Quangu Neef and ‘Nasathu’. In China, King also gave him the status of ‘shank’.

He made painting of copper, bittal and alloy in his life, using the knowledge of the high quality and the use of the idol that would be the metal mishra and practicing it, making the idol of idol, according to his complete work of complete pagan and statue symptoms. Sculpture and architecture are also known as a skilled scientist.

Astrological science also built a touristic instrument (directional device, gearoscope) built in astrology, in 121 9, even the device used in astrology. In addition, the earthquake also made a new device based on the sampling of the known device. Similarly, Araniko and his associates wrote a book on the art of the various proportion of body parts (talman) and other artistic thinking. His birth is probably estimated at Patan in the third or fourth decade of 1200. His death was in Beijing in the first month in 1306.

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