Amar Singh Thapa was born in 1808, Srinachok, Gorkha. His father name is Bhimsing Thapa (Bagh Bhimsen Thapa). Amar Singh Thapa was well trained at Ranakaus from Sanya and skilled likewise his father.

He had participated in the war of Makwanpur at the age of 11. Because of his braveness and rage, he received the title ‘Bada Kaji’ at the age of 17. Amar Singh Thapa was 63 years old when the British-Nepal war. But at that time, he still have spirit of 16 years of age and youth, because of their power, came to the end of Nepal’s integration campaign to Satlaj and Garhwal.

In the age of 17, Amar Singh Thapa was handed over to the governor’s office in the kingdom of King Rana Bahadur Shah. He worked with the sincere and patriotic emperor to fulfill that work. He continued to extend the border of the West Nepal while serving the country’s internal responsibility. In that case, Dehradun was captured by British Army and moving forward then reached the fort of Kangra of Nepal. At the same time in 1814 the British invaded Nepal by 5 inches. British were more powerful than Nepali. They were also skilled in fame, trap and conspiracy. All these facts were familiar with the fact that the Amar singh Thapa was acquainted with the states of the kingdom. He did not have more than 4 thousand soldiers, but the British had 7 thousand soldiers.

General of British Army Secretary, showed that every kind of greed that was made to make small states around Suljaz. But the Nepalese army was fighting without dare. Since the battlefield was very far from Kathmandu, there was no possibility of additional troops for Nepal. The British said adding that the army was adding. Amar Singh and his friend Bhakti Thapa did a great effort to stop the British army but could not. Instead, Bhakti Thapa got the courage. Then Amar Singh left the fort of Degharh. He was finally on a fortress. He also had to leave him. At the same time logistics water ended at the fort. Everyone in the fort was tired. Finally, Amar Singh Thapa surrendered.

The commander of the British army was impressed and frightened by the intelligent behavior and bravery of the Bada Kaji Amar Singh Thapa. He wanted to mix Amar Singh as an antagonist. Then Thapa returned to Kathmandu. There was going to be a deal between Nepal and British at that time. But Amar Singh Thapa did not really like that deal. Because of the treaty, Nepal had to divide all the kingdoms that he had won – one third of the land again.

Therefore, King Amar Singh kept King and Bharad in front of the Treaty without the treaty. Due to Amar Singh’s good arrest in the court, King and Balbhadra also accepted his talk. Again, there was a split again with the British Army without signing the treaty. There was nothing about the Nepali army before the weapons. Nepal had to lose and deal with it. According to that, Nepal had to conquer all the nations that were won first. It was very sad that Amar Singh, who was not able to drink national suffering, went to Kathmandu for 48 days. Thapa will not hesitate to take any responsibility for Anglo war failure. On May 18, the entire day, the day of Ramadan left the world for ever. Amar Singh Thapa, who loved the country more than the life, has been in national history in Nepalese history.


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